Petition to change NC building code that prohibits pioneer farms

UPDATE: Conway wins with the help of the public and NC state representatives! Turtle Island will re-open just in time for summer camp.

I don’t usually do this but please sign this petition to help Eustace Conway to keep his historical pioneer farm open to the public!

Conway, aka “The Last American Man” (the title of a book about his life by Elizabeth Gilbert), the only true mountain man, and complete badass is having his property closed to the public for violating North Carolina building codes.

This is a egregious, absurd, and malicious affront to all North Americans. He honors our heritage and keeps the knowledge of the settlement era alive with an extensive, fully functioning living pioneer farm museum on 1000 acres. He is an incredible character with astounding accomplishments (for example, the fastest US coast-to-coast horse ride).

Please sign the petition at to defy the building code and allow him to re-open! Everyone has a lot to learn from Eustace Conway.

To see more read this news article:


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